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Morgan:News is a news and marketing consultancy that specializes in helping a wide range of organizations understand, publish and profit from the wide range of modern and traditional news services. We focus on social media, blogs, newsletters and magazines.

These news services and publications are sponsored by corporations, commissions, unions, associations, charities or governments.

We also publish BorderZones, a management-intelligence news service, available by subscription and distributed by email.

Our firm also provides consulting services on subscription-based publications published by others. These have been as diverse topics as tracking the management and business of moving goods and services
across the Canada/US border, the business of high-tech stocks and reporting on the Canadian gift-and-tableware industry. For seven years, we reported daily on the business and management of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, and their development.

In addition, the firm offers advice to our clients on marketing solutions such as business-to-business mass-marketing, news and public relations, social media, Internet and World Wide Web content, direct-mail writing and advertising support.

We have provided publications and communications-consulting for a variety of corporate and non-profit organizations, including McDonald’s Restaurants, Chevron, the BC Securities
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Commission, The Overland Group, the BC Legal Management Association, Analytic Systems, The Nature Trust, The Electra Commercial Strata, Bull Housser & Tupper, Harper Gray Easton, Miller Thomson, Celgar, Nicola Financial Group, Tree Island, Adia Personnel, People’s Trust, The Beef Information Centre, Cuisine Canada, Dominion Blueprint, Tourism Vancouver, Burrard Clean, Terminal City Club, Fletcher Challenge, FMC, St. George’s Private School and many others.

The president and publisher of the firm, Peter Morgan, has been an integral part of Canada’s mass-communications industry for more than 40 years. His work includes two decades as a working reporter and editor in radio and television news as well as in business publications, such as editor of B.C. Business Magazine. He has also managed his own successful consulting firm for nearly three decades.

Our contact information is here.
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