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BorderZones is a professional, specialized news agency to simplify life for executives and managers involved in moving goods and services across the Canada/US border, in either direction.

When you subscribe, we report to you every business day on the information and events you need to know. We report on more than just the events of the day, because you need more useful information than that. Our emphasis is on what people are planning, or intending to do. We report on how and when they say they’ll implement it, so you can use your own skills and experience to act on that news.

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Hi, I’m Peter Morgan, the Editor and Publisher of BorderZones. My company, Morgan:News Services, has published, edited and reported to business for decades. BorderZones is designed to be particularly useful for managers of retail, trucking, shipping, manufacturing, digital and bulk commodity industries, for managers of organizations that influence, for managers of their unions and for government regulators, too.

BorderZones is specifically designed to combine with your expertise. We help you make money or gain influence because of what you learn through us, and when you learn it. We interview, we ask questions, we report on the processes involved in implementing ideas, policies, concepts. Our reporting is as neutral, clear and concise as we can make it. The news feed contains no advertising.

We distribute BorderZones business and management news by email directly to your inbox. That makes it exclusive to our subscribers.

Risk Free: Our subscriptions are risk free. You can cancel at any time during the first month of a year’s subscription, and receive a full refund, no questions asked. That gives you an entire month to try out the service. Cancel any time after the first month and we’ll promptly refund the unused portion of your payment.


We report on a vast array of business and management issues. We provide you with facts, figures and, yes, contact information of key players. We track what the myriad of border jurisdictions – states, provinces, federal governments – are thinking they might implement that affects border business.

We help you understand the economics, the management thinking, the statistics. We report on manufactuers, freight forwarders, brokers, customs agencies, tariff changes, what’s going right with trade, and trade irritants. We report on union activities, corporate lobbying efforts and regulatory matters, and how all these might affect cross-border trade and what you manage.

Our business-intelligence reports flow from what we learn as experienced management reporters about the latest planning and decisions by all kinds of organizations and people that affect the movements of goods and services across the border. We want you to know first about what’s going on, so you can get your organization in place in time to take advantage of what you learn, coupled with what you know.

We are constantly thinking about ways our information can help you and your organization, through profit, through advance knowledge, through influence. You gain a stead stream of ideas about how events that shape the complexities of cross-border business can be an advantage to you. This is news you can use.

We balance the avalanche of information available against your limited time., and we protect you from it. We write only about 20 to 30 business news stories per week, and we send them to you by email with subject lines tags that make them easy for you to see what they’re about, and to filter them as you wish. You don’t have to spend any more time searching for such information, or going to a website to read it with the rest of the world. The articles are all written by managers, for managers, and it comes to you.

Our articles usually take only a few minutes to read; during a coffee break, between meetings, over lunch. On occasion, we write a feature when we think the situation warrants, but you’ll know that’s the case before you even open the email.

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