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BORDERZONES - Copyright Policy

We have to belabour the point about copyright because this news service is digital.


The operation of this newsletter is ENTIRELY funded by subscriptions, which pay for the labour-intensive work and expertise required to provide you with quality reporting, research and business news stories we provide. In addition, you don’t have to put up with any
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advertising when you receive it, and we don’t rent or sell your contact information.

There’s one other reason: You want the people who have the talent and ability to create the content you use to be successful. You want them to succeed for the most selfish of reasons: you want them to create more great information you can use.

HERE’S THE POLICY (No legalese)

Each subscription is assigned to only a single recipient (that’s you), and nobody else, even if you’re part of an organization that’s paying for it.

It's a violation of our copyright to pass our news stories along to others, except under the conditions listed below on this page.

It’s also a violation of our copyright if you store the information without our express permission in an area where others can read it, such as on a corporate or network database, or on a blog, or circulate it as part of a media-monitoring service  performed by you or others.

ALL of the items in our news service are protected ALL of the time by Canadian and international copyright laws. ALL of them. In short, that means this subscription is for you and you alone.

Occasional MANUAL forwarding of one of our news items by email to a friend or colleague is specifically granted, but only if all three of these conditions are respected:

    1)  You’re a subscriber;

    2) The article is forwarded in its entirety, from the subject line on the top through to the copyright block at the end of each item;

    3) That you forward no more than two items in any seven-day period to the same person.

Otherwise, it's a violation of our copyright and a violation of the local and international copyright laws that support it.

(We're not going to be fussy about it; we'd just like you to keep the concept in mind that if you're going to forward the occasional article to a colleague, that's fine with us, but if it's being done on a regular, automatic or on-going basis, it’s a violation of our copyright. Besides, that sort of recipient should be subscribing, and not freeloading off you.)

Put yet another way: please do not automatically or regularly forward our news service to others unless you are a designated subscription administrator, and you have purchased the requisite number of subscriptions, and that's the way we've arranged it.

(There are nice discounts for bulk-subscription purchases for an organization, by the way. Replacements, additions or subtractions to a master subscription can be made at anytime.)

All other types of broadcast, publication, storage or retransmission to email lists or to the World Wide Web is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from Morgan:Newsletters.

We always appreciate people who report violations of our copyright to us.
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