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Mass Marketing Services

Business to business. Business to consumer. Your choice.
We are marketers first, and we know that every organization is unique, with specific audiences, goods, services and markets.

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While we specialize in news services, we also consult and support any type of mass-marketing situation that we think will work for you, or that interests you, and we can do it by report, phone, e-mail or in person, even by Skype.

That includes direct email and other types of direct marketing, public relations, media relations, investor relations and advertising design, for new media and traditional media.

With all of our services, you remain fully in charge of the entire process. You can start, stop or modify the project whenever you wish. Nothing is published, created or distributed without your approval. We fully customize the work we do for you to make it as easy, effective and flexible as possible for you and for the level of your involvement.

We also conduct communication audits. If you’ve tried a particular type of mass marketing in the past and it didn’t work, or you’re using such a service now but it’s not working well, we’ll let you know why, and what you can do about it.
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