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There are two types of news services, sponsored and subscriber-based:

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 • A sponsored publication is published by an organization and distributed without charge to its customers or clients; it’s typically used as a marketing channel. (See samples here.)

 • A subscriber-based publication is published by a firm and sent to subscribers of the news service, who pay for it through subscriptions or it’s subsidized by advertising. It’s typically set up to be financially self-sufficient, or as a profit centre.

Each has its own specific dynamics and requirements because they do their jobs differently.

These take several different forms: Social media, blogs, emailed news, emailed newsletters, printed newsletters, magazines... but those forms follow their function, and they all fit into one of the two types.

We provide expertise and support for either type, and have been doing so for years with a wide range of clients and technology. In both types, we usually take on the role of managing editor when working on publications for our clients, but the role entirely depends on the work you’d like us to do. Of course, you’re always the editor-in-chief.

We work with a wide range of organizations who communicate with their stakeholders. We offer publishing advice to companies, governments, non-profits and unions. We also consult with existing publishers of news services and magazine about their planned or existing publications.

We are able to conduct communication audits, particularly those that involve email or printed newsletters, blogs or corporate magazines. If you’ve tried a particular type of publication in the past and it didn’t work, or you’ve got a news service going now but it’s not working well, we’ll let you know why, and what you can do about it.

These types of news services should return more benefits to your organization than they consume, and that’s our goal.

We don’t require minimums, maximums or contracts. You can start working with us right away, or plan to do so at a specific time later. You can start, stop or modify a project at any time, whenever you wish.

Though we specialize in helping your organization create successful news services (or corporate publications such as newspapers or magazines), we’ll let you know upfront whether a newsletter is a good idea for your organization, or for your customer or client base. If it isn’t, we’ll tell you so.  

We can do this with a clear conscience because we also offer other marketing methods. Click here.
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